ClipGlider - the revolution in video playback on websites and on social media!

ClipGlider shows video control bar, allowing you to use any speed besides common 1.25х / 1.5х / 1.75x and 2х, and quickly navigate inside the video with a couple of taps - in popular social networks and on any site.
That video control bar is shown while watching any video , even when watching stories in Instagram and Facebook or even video ads.

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View videos without hassle!

Save time

Spend less time viewing same amount of stories and posts in social media, by watching them at increased speed, e.g. 2x, and returning to normal speed of playback when viewing some key moments.

View lectures and conferences with comfort

Save a lot of time watching recordings of talks, conferences, lives and lectures at a speed that is comfortable to you; do not be limited to standard set of speeds (1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x).

Do not loose key moments

ClipGlider offers to resume playback from position where you've left playback previously (e.g. due to incoming call) - you don't have to write down the timestamp when you have to stop watching video.

Less "hassle" when trying to find some moment in the video

Quickly find key moments in the video (like new speaker appearing in the conference recording), using Quick Scan mode.

Watching Stories and Reels in social media

Watch stories in Instagram and Facebook, clips in TikTok, Likee and VK, and video in posts in any social media at increased speed, saving time, with ability to quickly switch to 1x speed in one tap. Watch 2 times more video by spending same amount of time you do currently, at 2x speed.

Autoscroll Shorts or Reels

By default, ClipGlider will advance to next video once current video ends. This allows you to watch Shorts, Reels and other short videos while cooking, driving or doing sport excercises, without a need to touch the screen of your device. Works with YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, X (ex-Twitter) video feed, TikTok, Snapchat Spotlight, VK Clips and some other social networks.

Autoscroll Instagram posts

While watching Instagram feed (or posts by certain user), an autoscroll mode is enabled by default. This allows you to watch Instagram while cooking, driving or doing sport excercises, without a need to touch the screen of your device.

Keyboard navigation

Connect keyboard or presenter to your device to navigate inside video or between posts or videos. Whith autoscroll mode, use PageDown or Space keys to go to next video, PageUp to go to previous, arrow left or arrow right to seek by 15 seconds, Escape to pause.

Save a lot of time by setting maximal speed that is still acceptable for you, with up to 0.01x precission

quickly alter speed with 0.05x precission. Do not be limited by standard speeds 1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75x and 2x. Set any speed from 0.07x to 16x with 0.01x precission. If you are not comfortable with 1.75x speed, but can handle 1.70x, then watching 1-hour long video you will save 13% of your time (that is, 5 minutes).

Boost sound volume of the video

ClipGlider allows to amplify sound volume in videos. This is handy, if audio source was far away from microphone when video was recorded, or if you are watching video in a noisy environment. This feature is not available on some sites and social networks.

Noise removal in the video

ClipGlider allows to suppress audio noise in the video. This is handy if video was shot in noisy environment. This feature is not available on some sites and social networks.

Fast skip mode

for quick overview of the video. Very useful for finding when conference starts or new speaker appears, without any hassle - when in this mode, video plays for 1 second and then rewinds by 1 minute.

Convenient and precise navigation in long videos

Jump to exact minute by couple of taps, by picking timestamp from the lists. You can skip exact percentage of the video.

Extra fast playback with speed up to 16x

Usually sites and social media apps do not allow speed greater than 2x, but with ClipGlider you can view those videos at speeds up to 16x.

Watch stunts and fighting at speed as small as 0.07х

Analyze sports and dances in slowmo at speed as small as 0.07x on any site or in any social network.

Quickly recall position where you've left playback

On every site and any social media, ClipGlider prompts to restore position where you've left playback of that video. Now you won't spend time seeking around video, trying to find position where you've stopped playback due to incoming call or browser reloading the tab.

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